Horsham in Bloom

Horsham in Bloom is an independent, not-for-profit, charity.

We work in partnership with local businesses, organisations, residents, volunteer groups and Horsham District Council.


more carrots

We helped the Beavers help themselves

Beaver Scouts growing project gets off the ground

With a £100 grant from HiB, a bit of help from parents and some sun & rain, the Beavers of the 2nd Horsham Scout Group were able to harvest peas, potatoes and carrots in July.

They obviously took great care in looking after the excellent vegetables and were excited to gather and eat their own crops.

Beaver pictures (click to view)

carrots    even more carrots

finding spuds    more carrots

pea pickers    picking peas

shelling peas    spuds




Hanging basket winner
Some of our sponsors' logos
Local volunteers
Our aims (click to view)

We aim to:-

  • encourage horticultural excellence
  • community participation
  • environmental responsibility

    - within the boundaries of Horsham Town.

We will achieve this by:-

  • sponsorship
  • education
  • provision of floral displays
  • initiating and supporting environmental and horticultural projects
  • sustainable planting and landscape enhancement.

We are particularly keen to support new and exciting horticultural projects which create places for people to enjoy, such as the Human Nature Garden.

Schools Competition 2016

This year's theme is ‘Rhymes and Stories’ - lots of scope for young imaginations.

Vouchers for seeds and compost from Blue Diamond could help win cash prizes.

Local Competitions 2016

We are looking forward to another great season with excellent entries from enthusiastic gardeners.

Some judging has already taken place. We will show pictures of winning entries on this website.

Sponsorship opportunities!

  • Your organisation's name and logo at several sites in the town centre
  • Make a real impact on the street scene

A great way to advertise your business!

  • Economic promotion of your business
  • Horsham in Bloom is popular and successful
  • Railing Planters and Hanging Baskets make a bright, welcoming appearance
  • Seen by hundreds in the town each day
  • Businesses associated with us become well known


Volunteer groups undertake a variety of tasks in the town, many of which wouldn't be able to be done without their involvement.

Horsham in Bloom is also seeking active volunteers to work with the existing committee members.


Horsham in Bloom has instigated and been involved with many projects over the years. The biggest and most well known is the Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park.

A more recent project is New Street Green.